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Жилой поселок. Ямайка




For sale is provided a residential village located on approximately 264,307 square metres of land among the hills in the center of Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica. The property is comprised of:

  • 34 subdivided lots for selling, including 30 houses and 4 unbuilt lands;

  • Swimming pools, pavilion and 2 tennis courts;

  • Auxiliary facilities including water tank, pump station and security check points;

  • Household items including furniture and equipment;

  • Internal roadways and fence around the village.

The residential village is offered for sale as property complex or holding company

Cottage interior Lot #6 (cottage)Lot #6 (main residence)
Cottage interior                            Lot #6 (cottage)                     Lot #6 (main residence)

Lot 6 and lot 39 consist of main residence and detached cottages/guest houses.

The main residences are of standard design and layout, however, some of them are slightly bigger.

The facilities includes:


  • Master bedroom with clothes  closet and full bathroom facility ensuite

  • Three other  bedrooms with clothes closet

  • One other bathroom

  • Linen closet

  • Powder room

  • Heater closet

  • Kitchen

  • Enclosed pantr

Cottages/guest houses:

  • One bedroom

  • One bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Living/dining area

  • Uncovered side patio


 3 lots with objects for common use, accessible to all owners and users of the village, including 2 swimming pools (one for children) and 2 tennis courts (with necessary equipment).

              Other features include:

  • Bar/Lounge building (Bar Facility, Open recreational/sitting area)

  • Open green area/playground

  • 24 hour security/guard house

  • Four small gazebos located beside the pool


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